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Service of Process

Why choose Attorney’s Litigation Support Services as your process serving company? The most important reason is that our process servers are employees of Attorney’s Litigation Support Services. This makes us different from most process serving companies, as our servers report only to us and come to our office every day. This means that your affidavits of service will be completed and on their way back to you within two days of that service being made. Most of our Green Bay area services are attempted (and completed) within 48 hours of receipt at no extra charge. Same day and next day service are always available. We’ve been serving papers for over a decade, and know every trick in the book. What we also know is that you don’t really need tricks to serve papers – you just need to know what you’re doing – and we do. We have a network of professional process servers around the country - after 25 years in business, we know who is good and who is not. We use only the best servers in the United States to complete your job.

Telephone: 920-265-2466
Toll Free: 866-550-ALSS